Konstantin Vasiliev is one of the characters in the BBC series Killing Eve. He is Villanelle's handler.

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Konstantin is not afraid of anything or anyone. He has seen more broken bones and shattered spirits in his life than anyone would dare to imagine. He recruits and runs assassins, but none more complex and demanding than Villanelle. He understands that her ego is a beast, and he is constantly walking the tightrope of being able to manage it. He doesn’t always know who she is going to kill, he just tells her she has to.

He is an opportunist. He tells her that he is devoted to the people who order the kills and she should be, too. But really, he doesn't give a fuck. He just wants money and a roof over his head.

Konstantin is not a psychopath, he’s more pragmatic and self-interested than that – he does whatever he needs to survive. He has a slow, masculine pace. He gives off an impression of being a little weary, but when push comes to shove, he will fight for his life harder than anyone.

That said, he also has an aversion to violence – to getting his hands dirty. Which is why Villanelle’s indifference to brutality makes her his most important asset. He’s probably the closest thing Villanelle has ever had to a stable relationship. Although you wouldn’t know it to look at him, Konstantin is a family man.

He’s amused by life and by Villanelle but he’s clever enough to be frightened of her. He is the only person we meet who isn’t powerless to Villanelle’s charms. He knows her too well. After all…he did create her.[1]

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A man (Konstantin) enters the apartment and tells Villanelle that he can see her breathing. She asks if he'd be sad if she were dead and he says, "of course." He is there to deliver her a bonus and give her information on her next job tomorrow in Tuscany. He leaves and Villanelle sits down at her laptop to decrypt the information off the Tuscan postcard she received.

Konstantin wakes Villanelle up in her apartment where she is sleeping with a man and a woman. Kasia is in London and will be interviewed tomorrow as a witness to Kadrin's murder. Villanelle's train leaves in an hour and she is meant to make Kasia's death look like a suicide.

The Handler - Killing Eve on BBC America

The Handler - Killing Eve on BBC America

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